Aluminium Auto Gate, Folding Gate Installer Malaysia

Aluminium Autogate, Swing Gate &  Folding Gate


There are various types of main gate in Malaysia. We install gate to prevent intruders from entering our home.

Most common gates are metal gate, swing gate, folding gate, aluminium gate, trackless gate,wrought iron gate, mild steel gate and stainless steel gate.



Dr Autogate offers a wide range of swing gate, folding gate and sliding gate for residential and commercial. We custom made the auto gate in our factory according to our customer gate design and styles. One of our famous main gate products is metal combination aluminium gate. The gate frame is mild steel while the panels are aluminium. If you are looking for gate replacement in Malaysia, mild steel swing gate and aluminium folding gate will be your best choice. The steel and aluminium gate are more durable.



If you plan to upgrade your home autogate, replace your swing gate or your folding gate always run off the track, please call us for further information.

Get your autogate fixed in 3 simple steps!

Here’s what to do:

  1. Take a few pictures of your gate and motor (from both sides)
  2. Send the photos through WhatsApp to 012 – 295 6299
  3. We will call to arrange an appointment for service.

There’s no need to wait. We’re here to help! Just call us at 012 – 295 6299



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